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Powerful Outsourcing Results

“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest”
-Peter Drucker, Author, Educator, Management Consultant
99% of Fortune 500 are powered by outsourcing. New technologies enable companies of all sizes to be as sophisticated as the world’s largest brands.


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    Outsource at 14c/minutE

    Simple, Top Quality, Huge Savings


    YOU do all the work, and PAY 5x More

    • YOU recruit, hire, pay, train, and supervise employees
    • YOU pay for office space, furniture, utilities and computers
    • YOU process payroll
    • YOU provide benefits, vacation, sick leave, retirement, healthcare
    • YOU navigate legal and
      regulatory employment matters

    The way you win?
    Follow our “High Growth Model” at historic low cost.

    Powerful Outsourcing

    80% Savings on staffing costs


    Long-Term Contract Fees

    Superior Quality Team- only top 2% qualify
    Only $0.14 per minute
    Pentwater connect promise

    Proven #1
    Growth Engine for Ecommerce Store Owners

    We provide complete customer service solutions with our Philippine-based team of superior live agents.
    What is the #1 Growth Engine for Your E-commerce?
    Distinguish your BRAND with prompt phone/chat/email support, with your own…
    OUTSOURCED Live Agent Sales Support and Customer Service Team

    See Why Shopify
    Ecommerce Store Owners
    Choose Pentwater Connect

    Top Growth Engine – Pentwater will DOUBLE Your Revenue
    Lowest Cost: Phone/chat support as low as $0.14 per minute … SAVE 80%
    Customer Loyalty: Live Support BOOSTS Customer Loyalty 67% so you can DOMINATE your industry
    NO LONG-TERM CONTRACT REQUIRED – Pay for only the minutes used
    Pentwater agents are the industry Superstars – only the top 2% qualify. We guarantee CX that will make your customers smile

    Now, companies of ALL SIZES can look as sophisticated as a Fortune 500 company for pennies per minute

    Consider the REVENUE GROWTH of our latest Shopify client success story:

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    UP 55%

    Arrow Right



    UP 61%

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    UP 84%

    Arrow Right

    Ranked TOP 1% Growth of all Shopify Stores

    What is our secret?

    After decades of ecommerce experience, we have created the
    world’s leading growth engine for Shopify. The most powerful engine of growth is live agent phone/chat support, combined with the newest technologies from Pentwater Connect. 

    How much does it cost? Click on our Pricing Calculator below for an immediate estimate of your monthly costs.

    NOTE that we require NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS, and you pay only for the services used- either per minute or per chat. And at rates AS LOW AS 14 cents per minute!

    How can we cover all the costs at this low price?

    Yes, we still have to pay for wages, office space/furniture, IT, benefits, payroll, govt regulations, utilities, etc., but…
    Our phone technology is “Pay per minute” program with Amazon Web Services. (The call quality is the best in the world!)
    Our offices are in the Philippines, outside of the second-largest city in the country, which keeps costs low while maintaining our access to prime talent.
    – One of our owners is a dual US/Philippine citizen who was raised in the Philippines and is deeply rooted in the country and culture. We therefore have the best support team members because of our commitment to high legal and professional standards.
    We have a select few available seats in our Philippine headquarters offices and these will be only available for a few weeks and once they are taken, we will begin to add agents to our new office space, but at higher per-minute price. (So call now to take advantage of this 14 cent per minute rate, available for a short time only.)
    #1 Growth engine for shopify/ ecommerce
    One-stop-shop, we handle everything
    Solutions for Any Company Size


    Lowest Cost, Highest Value without Long-Term Contracts


    Ideal Customer Experiences Optimize Outcomes


    Growth Engine

    Omnichannel CX
    • Voice
    • Chat
    • Email
    • Social Media
    • AI Call Flow
    Digital Marketing
    • SEO
    • Pay-Per-Click Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Website Development
    Back Office Support
    • Accounting / Bookkeeping
    • CRM maintenance
    • Inventory management
    • Competitor pricing analysis
    Next Level Marketing
    • SMS Marketing
    • Blog and Social Media Content Marketing
    Social Media Management
    • Content posting / monitoring
    Data Analytics
    • AI Conversational Analytics
    • Identify actionable insights from

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    Easy Setup

    Your One-Stop Shop

    We handle everything for your business’s call center, from start to finish!

    Free Strategy Call

    As thought leaders in the industry, we have the knowledge, expertise, and connections to find a perfect solution. We work with you to strategize solutions to implement software, AI, Amazon Connect, and live agents to create an ideal customer experience.

    Strategize & Plan

    We create a plan and develop a solution that will maximize your business growth through ideal customer experiences. Every solution is guaranteed to be offered at the best price for the best value. The tools we use are unmatched in the industry, leaving your company as the biggest beneficiary.

    Implementation & Results

    One of the biggest frustrations for a business owner is the time and hassle it takes to correctly set up and maintain a call center. It can be intimidating. As industry experts and your one-stop-shop, we take away the hassle. As experts in Amazon Connect and other AI software/solutions, we will help your business grow. Our training data makes the AI as efficient and effective for the client’s customer as possible.

    What They’re Saying

    Customer Testimonials

    As the President of the company, I cannot say enough about the Pentwater team, and how they went way above and beyond for my company. They saved us in a time of dire crisis. And furthermore, in the two years since we hired them, they have continued to reduce our costs, grow our revenue, and solve problems for us. Their agents in the Philippines have the perfect touch of tenderness with our precious customers – they are kind and patient, and also very proactive in solving problems.
    Jody P.


    The Pentwater Connect team takes such good care of our customers! (They handle customer service for our ecommerce site.) Shopify just announced that our online store is “one of the highest growth brands on Shopify! The recent growth rate of your store is in the top 1% of over one million brands.”

    In the last two years, our revenues have been up 55% and 61% respectively. Our growth has been nothing but spectacular. And this year is already setting records. The Pentwater team is a crucial part of this growth. The Pentwater Connect team treat our customers with such love and kindness that they keep coming back!

    Nancy W.


    We approached the Pentwater Connect team with a very unique “Customer Experience” challenge. After a 20-minute strategy call, they crafted a perfect solution for us! We now have an omnichannel CX solution that uses the latest cloud-based technologies that meet our needs perfectly, all at a cost that is far less than we expected. Our customers love doing business with us, and our growth has been stratospheric! Thanks Pentwater!
    Micah M.


    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    24/7 Award Winning Support

    Our dedicated support team is there to answer your questions and concerns, 24/7.

    Free Strategy Call

    Talk with our experts about the best solutions to create an ideal experience for your customers.