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Imagine your customers smiling… after every interaction with your company. Giant companies with massive “Customer Experience” budgets enjoy this luxury. You should too. Now you can.

Introducing Amazon Connect, a tool that enables you to create ideal customer experiences, no matter when or how your customer reaches out to you. And thanks to a new arsenal of revolutionary tools,

benefits of these latest advanced technologies are available to companies of ALL sizes, especially yours!

Amazon Connect will democratize the CX/call center industry. Beginning now, small and mid-sized companies can match their huge competitors in the following ways:

  • Your customers can communicate with your company through ANY channel: – voice, chat, text, email, and other apps. 
  • Your customers receive sophisticated support, instantly, thanks to voice recognition 
  • Artificial intelligence tools support live agents to provide customers the proper solution, the first time they reach out
  • Sweet new AI tools provide your company early insights into customer needs, market trends, brand strategy, and marketing effectiveness, that will open your eyes to optimal business strategy. 

And thanks to Amazon Connect, this customer experience capability starts at only a few hundred dollars, and requires no long-term contract. Get ready to send your competitors into oblivion.

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