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The Cloud Contact Center Service is an integral part of Amazon Connect. Without it, the service is all frosting and no cake. Or maybe all cake and no frosting. Either way, it’s not complete and your sweet tooth will ache for satisfaction.

Imagine a SaaS solution that furnished an omnichannel cloud contact center service that was simple to manage for a business intent on providing superior customer service. Now imagine being able to accomplish it at a reasonable cost.

This is the strategic advantage of Amazon Connect’s Cloud Contact Center Service. 

Why does Amazon Connect make sense for your customers? Because it’s the same self-serve contact center technology used by Amazon itself to deal with millions of customers on the #1 e-commerce website in the world. You know what they say about imitation: it’s the sincerest form of flattery.

Understanding Connect Support Services 

A lot of consultants talk about Amazon Connect Support Services, but many of them gloss over the details. A 35,000-foot overview isn’t always helpful.

What is Connect Support Services, really?

Think of Connect Support Services as customer support software that lives in the cloud (no installation, no patches, no upgrades). It delivers a one-dashboard solution where you can create personalized experiences for your customers across many channels.

What does that mean? It means your agents can help customers and sales leads on chat, over the phone, or via email from the same interface. It means you can create tailored support solutions based on criteria that help customers how they prefer to be helped.  

What else can you do with Amazon Connect? How about integrating it with your existing enterprise applications so you don’t have to re-learn systems?

Because Connect Support Services relies on the years of experience and vast knowledge gleaned from Amazon’s customer support ecosystem, you can also design customer profiles and contact flows that you may have never considered before. As a result, you’ll attract, convert, and retain new customers.

We all want new customers, don’t we?

What Does Cloud Contact Center Service Cost?

Features and benefits, blah blah blah, right? We all want those. But what will Amazon’s Cloud Contact Center Service cost?

The prices are listed below, but the easiest tool available online is the “Amazon Connect Pricing Calculator” found HERE.

Here’s your by-service breakdown:

Amazon Connect Pricing

Good news: there are no up-front payments with Amazon Connect. No long-term commitments either. Also crucial: you don’t have the burden of infrastructure investments with Amazon Connect, because it’s a SaaS hosted in the cloud. 

Amazon Connect customers pay by the minute for Amazon Connect (plus associated telephony services that may apply to your instance). For example:

Voice Support

  • Inbound voice usage per minute: $0.018
  • Outbound voice usage per minute: $0.018
  • Outbound campaigns voice usage per minute: $0.025

Chat Support

  • Chat usage per message: $0.004


  • Task usage per task: $0.04

You will also pay a fee for each profile stored per month ($0.0025 in most cases).

As an example, explore our simplified AWS Connect Pricing Calculator for all available services. 

Amazon Connect: Getting Started

How do you get started with Amazon Connect? Glad you asked, it’s not as complicated as you may think.

  1. Login to your Instance in Amazon Connect
  2. Claim your phone number (if you have not already)
  3. Set Hours of Operation for your Cloud Contact Center
  4. Create Queues (or Agent Skills)
  5. Create your Prompts
  6. Create Contact Flows that anticipate customer need
  7. Create Routing Profiles
  8. Configure Users to determine roles and responsibilities

Better yet, contact the experts at Pentwater Connect who can do this for you for as low as $195. You may also check and visit our cloud based call center pricing calculator for more service options. (We lose money on that deal, but we are hoping to help your company achieve cosmic growth.) We can handle everything for your Amazon Connect journey, including set-up, configuration, and integration. Plus we have the best live agents on the planet. 

Get in touch with us HERE, tell us your goals and strategy, and we will show you how to dominate your industry with Amazon Connect.

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