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Amazon Connect’s Speech-to-Text is a powerful AI-powered solution for speech analytics in contact centers. 

Speech-to-Text provides real-time transcription and translation, as well as analytics via voice data from Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

When a contact or call center uses Amazon Connect’s Speech-to-Text, they can automate many customer service tasks and vastly improve their customer satisfaction scores. The customer experience can be streamlined and prove far more useful for the consumer.

Amazon has been gathering spoken language data from customers for years, which means their AI and customer solutions are equipped to serve customers. It provides contact centers with an amazing tool to assist in customer acquisition and retention.

How to Benefit from Amazon Connect’s Speech-to-Text 

  • Keyword spotting detects references to dates, quantities, people, places, and organizations to give actionable recommendations in real-time, and for data mining and analytics you want to access.
  • Native-language transcriptions allow agents to immediately receive call transcriptions in their preferred language, helping them fully understand and resolve customers’ needs.

Benefits for Callers

Callers contact your company because they’re looking for help with issues ranging from software troubleshooting and product problems to service complaints and billing disputes.

  • Translation happens in real-time to keep both caller and agent engaged in the conversation. It even accounts for the intricacies of natural speech, such as accents and incomplete sentences. This capability focuses on interactions and lets callers be (and feel) more understood.
  • Actionable recommendations pop up in the CRM system next to the transcript so agents can immediately answer customer questions and solve their problems without extending wait times or transferring them to another agent for resolution.  

Benefits for Your Business

For sure, the above benefits positively impact your business, but there is another feature that works very hard to help your contact center better understand its customer experiences, meet its KPIs, and allow its customers to leave every conversation with greater satisfaction. 

  • Audio data analysis through Amazon Connect is far more robust than any other platform in the world. Deep customer behavior patterns and trends can be identified automatically with advanced AI, and the insights can then be utilized to aid your business in making better, quicker decisions your competitors simply can’t.
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