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With Amazon Connect, you have the use of these dynamic customer relationship services, also known as Call Center products:

  • Amazon Connect Voice
  • Amazon Connect Chat
  • Amazon Connect Tasks
  • Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
  • Contact Lens for Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Connect Voice ID

These types of powerful customer relationship tools are not just for huge, enterprise-level businesses. Through Amazon Connect, they are available to companies of all sizes and with all types of CSR setups, budgets, and goals. 

Amazon Connect Voice

Amazon says this about Amazon Connect Voice: “It’s an omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide superior customer service across voice.”

In softer words, Amazon Connect Voice is a product that gives your company the ability to provide voice call center services in a sophisticated manner. Sophisticated how? Well, it’s reliable and integrated with other channels of customer support, if you need it to be. Best of all, you can add the many other amazing tools from Amazon Connect to create ideal customer experiences.

Whether your company has one person handling sales or customer calls, or a large crew of them, Amazon Connect Voice is a solution that can scale and take your customer service to stratospheric levels of sophistication.  

Amazon Connect Chat

Enhance your Amazon Connect Voice offering with a Chat feature. With Connect Chat, you can proactively reach out to visitors to your website or passively offer a customer service/sales communication channel. With Chat, your customer relationships can be saved, tracked, and followed up on easily, and even automatically based on CSR rules you define. The value of chat is now recognized among top companies who provide superior Customer Experiences, and is therefore witnessing massive growth as a communication channel.

Amazon Connect Tasks

Amazon Connect Tasks makes it easy to prioritize, assign, and track all contact center agent tasks to completion. 

Agent tasks that can be completed include:

  • opening a case ticket
  • updating a customer profile
  • managing a billing issue

Best of all, the agent task is completed inside Amazon Connect without requiring the agent to manually open another program. This tool allows agents to create and complete tasks in the same user interface where they take calls and chats so this results in improved agent productivity and more smiles from your customers.

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

What if your call center agent had all of the information available about your callers as they were helping them? Customer Profiles combine all historical information about the customer, and integrate with third-party platforms (like Salesforce and others) to give the agent a unified profile in real time.  Your agents can therefore have all the customer information they need in a single place, so they can deliver more personalized customer service. . 

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

What if I told you that your call center agents could use real-time analytics and post-call analytics to resolve customer issues and complete tasks? That would excite you, correct?

It should, and that’s what Amazon’s Contact Lens product does: enables your team to analyze conversations between customer and agents with the use of speech transcription, natural language processing, and intelligent search capabilities.

With Contact Lens from Amazon Connect, you can solve customer issues before they become issues, and do it in real-time. How nice would it be to know when a customer is starting to become frustrated on a call or a chat? Contact Lens can detect through speech recognition when a caller is becoming anxious, and respond with the appropriate steps to lower the temperature of the interaction.

Amazon Connect Voice ID

Have you always wanted to provide custom voice customer care without requiring the caller to travel through a series of non-natural, unhuman, robotic-type of prompts? If so, Amazon Connect Voice ID is for you.

Amazon Connect Voice ID gives your business real-time caller authentication using voice interactions that are more natural and efficient. With Voice ID your callers won’t have to answer multiple questions and pre-qualify, which places natural conversation at the forefront of your call center experience.

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