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Why Choose Us?

Solutions for Any Company Size
We will not try to fit you into the wrong technology. We create robust call center solutions for small, medium, and large-sized companies. Whether you require 5 or 10,000 live agents, our customized solutions incorporate powerful and scalable resources, like Amazon Connect, Ring Central and others, to achieve your business goals.

Lowest Cost, Highest Value without Long-Term Contracts 
Our clients pay by the minute and pay for what they use. We do not recommend a long-term contract unless it SAVES you money. Stop wasting millions! Work with the best call center solutions, that we provide for the lowest costs.

Ideal Customer Experiences Optimize Outcomes 
We know the importance of excellent customer service. Our solutions make your customer’s experience ideal through the intersection of CX technology and our human touch. We prioritize YOUR customer experience, as our client, through free consulting, behavioral listening to your customers’ needs, and finding solutions that dazzle you.

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Ideal Customer Experiences, Growth, and Lower Costs.

AI Conversational Analytics

The winning companies of the next decade will crush their competitors with better data analysis. We help companies find actionable insights from these questions: 

  • How can we Discover and quantify our customer needs and motivations?
  • What insights can we gain on our competitors?
  • What are the trends in consumer behavior?
  • Will our brand strategy succeed or should it pivot?
  • Are we effective at solving customer service issues?
  • What marketing will resonate with our audience’s values, passions, and needs?
  • And MANY more!

Amazon Connect Omnichannel Solutions

Make your customers smile through any channel they use. These include:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Text
  • Chat
  • Social Media

Our cloud-based technologies and cost-saving automation tools make CX effortless for customers and employees.

Live Agents

Our team of live agents is highly skilled and trained to meet your demands. Our live agents are all proficient in English and have the ability to specialize in niche industries, from retail to medicine. As is true in any industry, employees perform better when they are taken care of and paid a livable wage. We hire and keep the best and brightest in the industry with our fair treatment practices. 

Outsourcing to call center agents in the Philippines saves you money. The cost associated with hiring US-based employees adds up quickly. You pay for high wages (basic wages are 9x higher in the US than in the Philippines), renting office space, necessary technology, training and quality assurance, insurance, sick days, HR, and so on. Our infrastructure eliminates hundreds of headaches for you. Save money without sacrificing CX quality by using Pentwater Connect agents!

I cannot say enough about the Pentwater team, and how they went way above and beyond for my company. They saved us in a time of dire crisis.

Jody P. – Illinois

After a 20-minute strategy call, they crafted a perfect solution for us! We now have an omnichannel CX solution that uses the latest cloud-based technologies that meet our needs perfectly, all at a cost that is far less than we expected.

Micah M. – Illinois

In the last two years, our revenues have been up 55% and 61% respectively. Our growth has been nothing but spectacular. And this year is already setting records. The Pentwater team is a crucial part of this growth.

Nancy W. – Michigan

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