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Not long ago, audio data collected from contact center calls were virtually impossible to search and analyze, even for computers. This was unfortunate as the extremely valuable insights in this data went untapped, and insights that could have been used for meeting KPIs, upping customer satisfaction, and making the best business decisions never had the impact it might have.

Amazon Transcribe

But now, Amazon Connect’s speech-to-text AI technology has made great strides toward solving this problem. It uses deep learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to automatically and accurately convert speech into text, so the information can be analyzed and learned from. 

Let’s review all the features this technology boasts, along with the benefits agents, callers, and organizations can gain from them. We’ll also give some easy-to-understand examples of how it all works seamlessly through Pentwater Connect’s contact center service. 

An Example of Speech-to-Text in Action

Here’s a simple five-step scenario where a native Spanish speaker calls a company asking for a refund and replacement on a never-received shipment of household storage containers.

  1. As soon as the customer starts speaking, a real-time transcript (including punctuation) is available on the screen.
  2. Any Spanish words or phrases are automatically detected, translated, and transcribed for your agent.
  3. Depending on the tone of voice and words spoken, customer sentiment of the last sentence spoken (and the overall call) is recorded and presented. 
  4. Keywords, entities, quantities, dates, and other insight-based data are highlighted and kept for future reference and analytic purposes.
  5. Concerns and questions are immediately understood, providing context and allowing the system to give agents a list of suggested next-action items. 

This is all made possible with Amazon’s powerful AI speech analytics and deep learning technology. Having all this information at an agent’s fingertips is priceless.

More about Pentwater Connect

As the only Amazon-partnered contact center company that builds and staffs contact centers for mid-sized businesses, Pentwater Connect is the world leader when it comes to assisting your customers while helping your business succeed—at affordable rates and with no long-term contracts.

Pentwater Connect [insert link to home page/contact us] can provide you with a customized contact center fully staffed with trained and experienced agents who know how to make the most of what Amazon Connect has to offer.

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