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Can you perform customer support tasks without the Amazon Connect Contact Center? Yes, technically. But it would be like making a S’more without a marshmallow. Sure, it might still be digestible, but just chocolate and a graham cracker don’t cut it.

When your goal is to provide prestigious customer support, your best decision will be to use Amazon Connect. This hosted call center solution is the premier service for businesses that wish to offer an enterprise-level experience for customers. 

Once you’ve set up Amazon Connect for your business, the Contact Center is where you’ll spend much of your time. It’s where you’ll manage, message, and multiply your customers.

Amazon Connect Contact Center Is Comprehensive

Amazon Connect has it all as far as cloud-based call center phone systems go. From soup to nuts, you’ll have the tools you need to roll out superior CX solutions.

Here’s what you get with Amazon Connect:

  • Omnichannel Customer Support
    • Telephony
    • Predictive Dialer
    • On-Site Chat
    • Mobile Chat
    • Email Support
    • Automated AI Support
  • Task and Agent Management
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Forecasting and Capacity Planning
  • Reporting and Strategizing
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Ease of Scale and Growth of Business

Self-Service Virtual Agents

Have you ever contacted a company to get a question answered or to address a problem and been met by a chatbot? While it can be disarming, it’s an effective method for first-touch contact with customers.

Your intelligent chat communication channel in Amazon Web Services Amazon Connect uses Amazon’s proprietary lex service: the same technology behind the company’s popular Alexa bot. 

Amazon Connect allows clients to implement virtual agents, chatbots, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). By using these methods, you can offer live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round. Because it uses non-human resources, it’s also very affordable and efficient. Virtual Agents never call in sick and never have a bad day.

Real-Time Call Analytics

What’s better than analytics? Real-time analytics that’s available as it happens, up-to-the-second as your agents help customers. Talk about being able to pivot quickly.

The Contact Center in Amazon Connect teams with Agent Assist to leverage the Artificial Intelligence engine behind the service to convert your customer interactions into real-time reports and data.

With this data at your disposal, your CX managers and Agents are better able to understand the needs of your individual customers. Not all customers are the same, and the more information you have about your customers, the quicker you can make decisions, the more effective your customer support will be. Your agents will also be able to respond to customer needs quickly with Real-Time Analytics from Amazon Connect. 

At the core of this product are advanced conversational search, real-time alerts, and real-time call transcripts. That trio of technologies provides powerful tools you and your agents can rely on to best strategize ways to format your CX.

Agent Assist

How can you roll out new agents quickly but ensure they have the tools to be effective? Agent Assist from Amazon Connect is how.

They call the technology behind this service “Amazon Connect Wisdom,” which uses machine-learning (ML) technology to deliver optimized information that your agents can use to quickly solve customer issues.

Agent Assist can access your archive of FAQs, blog posts, third-party apps, and even SalesForce or ServiceNow, to grab resources to help your agents when interacting with customers. It can even use ML-powered speech analytics in Contact Lens for Amazon Connect to detect customer problems immediately. Agent Assist will use that information to accurately recommend the correct path to help the customer, navigating the caller to the right agent every time.

Post-Call Analytics
Do you want access to data from your customer support calls? Do you want to see reports that help understand how your agents are performing and how satisfied your customers are after interacting with them?

Then what you want is post-call analytics from Amazon Connect.

Contact Center Post-Call Analytics solution reveals a detailed snapshot of your customers’ needs, while also providing an insight into the methods used by your agents to funnel requests through your CX system. 

Armed with this information from Post-Call Analytics, you’ll be better qualified to react to issues in the future, prepare for the most common customer problems, and identify situations your agents can improve on.

How Amazon Connect Benefits Your CX Efforts

Don’t take our word for it, examine the benefits of Amazon Connect:

  • Drastically reduce your call wait times
  • Easily route customer questions to the appropriate agent
  • Decrease time to resolution of issues
  • Provide real-time assistance 24/7 365 days per year
  • Improve NPS/CSAT scores with faster, more effective service
  • Access valuable insights on customer satisfaction
  • Monitor call script compliance
  • Identify your customer sentiment
  • Boost agent productivity
  • Reduce call volume through the usage of chat and AI support
  • Improve your employee retention
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase lead acquisition through better communication

Call center software is the past. The present and future is with cloud contact center solutions that leverage the speed and power of the Internet, where information can be transferred and stored affordably. With Amazon Connect you can pay for only what data you use when interacting with your customers. No more monthly fees and service charges. Now you pay for your volume of customer communication, and your investment increases only when your business grows.

The call center business moves quickly. Demands from consumers are evolving. Technology keeps developing. By utilizing cloud call center software to genuinely differentiate your level of customer service, you can take advantage of this.  You may now start a discussion anywhere in the world about things to make communicating with brands like yours easier for customers.

Furthermore, a call center service is necessary for today’s society since customers want to be satisfied fast and effortlessly. The client relationship is improved and money is saved by providing cloud contact center software and increasing agent output. Time is saved, which is more significant. Give professional control over your customer service so you can focus on developing your brand and company, which is what you do best.

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