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Is your customer service strategy to simply respond to customers and situations as they arise? That’s a reactionary approach, and it can work for a while, but it’s not optimal as a long-term strategy for assisting consumers and growing your business. Here’s some bad news, this approach is terrible for customer retention.

What is the best customer service strategy? It is a proactive approach that utilizes software that allows your agents to manage relationships and interactions with customers in one place efficiently and affordably.

When a company engages a customer service agency to staff and administer its call center from a different location, call center outsourcing takes place. In this instance, the customer service organization hires and trains its staff to manage all client communications on behalf of the company.

This article looks deeper into a few of the core components of the Amazon Connect Customer Service Software solution from AWS Connect. 

Call Center Email Management Software by Amazon Connect

An effective cloud hosted call center must employ an email communication channel. Email was the original “killer app,” and it’s not going away, no matter what you hear. Customers still rely on email to manage communications with brands and businesses.

In Connect Call Center you can use the powerful software from Amazon to manage requests from customers via email for connect support services. Here are a few examples of the features:

Features of Email Management in Amazon Connect

  • Manage all email communication in one dashboard that connects to customer profiles
  • Create Contact Flows that enable your agents to automate customer service via email
  • Use queues to funnel email communication to the appropriate agent or solution
  • Utilize Prompts to trigger communication between Agents or Agent-to-Customer
  • Set up Routing Profiles that move email communication to the Agent best suited for helping a specific customer with their query

Benefits of Email Management in Amazon Connect

  • Be proficient with email by finding messages quickly with Amazon’s search tool
  • Send responses quickly to convert new customers
  • Leverage the most skilled employees to use their best talents
  • Create effective internal communication 
  • Individualized and effective customer service improves customer retention 

Amazon Phone System

Perhaps the most powerful feature in Amazon Connect is the telephony service that provides direct inward dial (DID) and toll-free phone numbers for clients.

Answering customer calls, taking in their issues, and providing solutions are examples of critical skills of a call center representative skills. To ensure that everyone receives the assistance they require as soon as possible, these agents often manage both inbound and outbound calls with clients. These skill set for call center agent will most likely discover and build on the strengths of others to help your business expand together.

How does Amazon Connect use phone services to assist clients in helping their customers?

  • Scale your contact center to meet demand using telephony provided by Amazon
  • Set up a toll-free number
  • Easily onboard agents that work from anywhere to receive calls
  • Track follow-up tasks to ensure customer issues were resolved in your phone call
  • Use the built-in predictive dialer to automatically call customers from a preformatted list to survey or add layers of customer or sales support
  • Record calls for training or customer support history
  • Offer DTMF input and text-to-speech output for your callers
  • Prioritize, assign, and track any contact center task assigned to call center agents
  • Pay for only the data you use

According to Amazon, their connect support services using telephony can save you “up to 80 percent compared to traditional contact center solutions.”  

Toll-free numbers are available in the Amazon Connect cloud-hosted call center for more than 20 countries worldwide.

A first-class call center will help elevate your business to a new status and ensure customer satisfaction. When customers contact you and have their concerns addressed quickly and reliably, this enhances your ability to convert leads or retain existing customers. These effective communication skills and problem-solving expertise will generate more customers to provide a definitive outsourcing customer service to your growing business. 

Do I Have to Download Software to Use Amazon Connect?

Is there an Amazon Connect Download for my connect support services needs? 

No, software is not needed to use Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect is a SaaS (Software As a Service) solution. That means you sign up online and use Amazon Connect through a web browser. All of the data and business rules you create for your contact call center are stored in the cloud.Why is it better to use a cloud-based call center solution than enterprise software? Cost is a big reason, but there’s also flexibility and scalability. With a SaaS solution like Amazon Connect, you get the best product every day without having to upgrade the software or pay for new features. You don’t pay for expensive hardware to run a software program or incur the costs of user licenses.When you run a CX software solution for contact call centers, you have to buy cutting-edge hardware to run that software. You have to train your agents to use a new version or upgrade from an older version, and so on. 

Software is like owning equipment and constantly needing to repair it or upgrade it. Amazon Connect and cloud-based solutions are like leasing the equipment and always getting the newest and best that the industry has to offer.

Why pay for the entire cow, feed it, and fix the barn it lives in, when you can just pay for the milk it produces as you need it? 

What Is Amazon Connect Pricing?

Amazon Connect pricing is based solely on how much bandwidth you use (either through chat, phone calls, or email), the number of tasks you use, and the volume of user profiles you store in the cloud.

Typically, businesses who assist 5,000 to 10,000 customers across multi-channels spend $150 to $500 per month. Costs only go higher if your technical support traffic increases. That means you only pay more if you’re busier. You want to be busier, don’t you? 

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